Financial Assistance

The Franciscan Alliance recognizes that patients and their families may need assistance paying for services received here because of insufficient insurance coverage or no insurance is available.

Any patient with a balance related to services, or a person responsible for paying a patient bill (guarantor) for services received at any Franciscan Alliance facility may apply for financial assistance to cover all or part of the patient balance(s) based on a verified financial need.  

Discount policy for uninsured patients and charity care

Política sobre descuentos para pacientes no asegurados y atención caritativa

Velsamh Hramhnak le Insurance Ngeilo Mizaw Discount Policy

To determine eligibility for Financial Assistance, print, complete and return the Application for Financial Assistance with the required documents as soon as possible to the following address:

Franciscan Alliance, Inc
2434 Interstate Plaza Drive, Suite 2
Hammond, IN 46324

Application for Financial Assistance

Marca acqui para la ayuda financiera

Phaisa lei Bawmhnak Soknak

Once the completed application and supporting documents are received, the application will be reviewed and the requestor will be notified if additional information is required. Otherwise, the requestor will receive a written notification of either an approval for financial assistance, or a denial and the reason the request is denied, normally within 30 business days or our receipt of all required documents.

Patients or persons responsible for paying the patient bills may call 1-866-903-0436 with any questions on this process or on submitted applications.

Hours are Monday – Friday 8 am – 6:30 pm ET / 7 am – 5:30 pm CST.